₪ ᎡᏌᏕᎻᏣᏞᎪᏁ Hello. I am Ivorystar. I founded this game, and spread it over the country, and I plan to continue on doing so.

In this Wikia, here are the RushClan ceremonies, cats, code, rules, and everything we've ever known.

The cats of RushClan adapt quickly to any terrain. Their paws are large, their pelts are sleek and glossy. RushClan cats are swift, living up to their names, fast on their paws. Each cat is agile and nimble. We are trained in many skills-climbing, swimming, fighting, hunting, healing-all in different terrains, with different opponents-us RushClan cats are not afraid of anything!

Our camp is a hollow of two trees-one has a jutting, fat root that sticks out that the Clan leader uses to call meetings. Back behind there are three trees. One of the trees has a small scoop in it in which kits and apprentices love to mix grass, dirt, and herbs in. To both sides, there are fields. One is larger than the other, and is mainly used. In new leaf, the smaller field is perfect for battle training with apprentices. To the front is Twolegplace. Shelters stay there, plenty kittypets, loners, and rogues wander there. It is necessary to cross this Twoleg civilization to get to Black-Stones. Black-Stones is an excellent hunting place. To the left of Black-Stones is a marsh, prey like ducks and geese stray there. The water rises after it is iced, herbs grow near.

Then Twolegs came to our home. We traveled through Twolegplace, past the Element's territory, to an old oak tree. There, we settled around that tree-it was one tree facing Black-Stones-and now we are there. I watch overy my Clan in StarClan, knowing they can survive anything.